Music Lessons

Both Worlds School of Music provide one on one private lessons to suit beginners through to more advanced students. Our teachers are highly trained in both traditional and modern methods and our facilities provide students the resources to undertake a musical education most relevant and effective to them. We are also a Creative Kids Provider so if you haven't redeemed a voucher yet ask us about how to do so and receive $100 from the NSW government to use for music lessons!


First Lesson Free as a trial!


Take control and choose how you want to learn at Both Worlds School of Music.

We provide private lessons in:


Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Classical Guitar



Bass Guitar




Theory/Musicianship Lessons

HSC Tuition


Traditional Methods:

Our teachers can take you through traditional music courses giving you a solid start to learning your instrument and understanding music theory. Progress through grades and sit for annual examinations in courses set by traditional institutions such as the AMEB.


Modern Methods:

There are many resources available today to help focus a students musical education that are fun and achieve results. Our teachers are attentive to a students needs and can design a customised course with specific goals and the best path to take in achieving them. Many students would like to master a particular style or technique. Others desperately want to learn favourite songs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced there are many ways to achieve your goals and get you playing or singing the music and songs you love.


Multimedia Education:

Technology is a big part of education and at Both Worlds School of Music we make use of the techonology available to us to further educate, engage and convenience our students. Students are sent copies of their homework and practise notes directly to their email addresses and are encouraged to fill out Practise Log Sheets to keep track of how much practise they did during the week. Homework and practise notes may include anything from pictures, pdfs of documents, short recordings/videos, metronome settings for exercises and custom made backing tracks that can all be accessed at home or on a students phone or tablet.


Can't make it to our studios?

Inquire about Skype / Facetime lessons as an alternative to visiting us in person.