What is SPEC?

SPEC is a small group music program for children 0-6 and their carers (e.g. mums, dads, grandparents).

Classes run once a week during the school terms and last for 30 minutes. Our optimal class size is 8

children (maximum 10) so contact us now to reserve your place!


What sort of things will we be doing in SPEC?

Singing, moving, playing instruments, taking turns, sharing, listening and quality time with your child.

What are the goals of SPEC?

There are two main goals of SPEC:

(1) encourage child development through fun, multi-sensory and stimulating musical play

(2) provide opportunities for children and their carer/s to have fun together! Young children learn best through interaction with their carers.

Since music is both inherently fun and developmentally stimulating, it’s an excellent and enjoyable means of supporting & encouraging your child’s development. SPEC aims to encourage: speech/language, cognition (e.g. concepts & counting), fine and gross motor skills, sharing, turn-taking, confidence, sensory integration, self-expression, self-regulation and musical development.


Who runs SPEC?

SPEC is facilitated by a registered music therapist who is trained to use music to promote, attain and maintain health and well-being. She plays live music and is responsive to your child’s needs, communications and initiations. This means that SPEC is much more than just entertainment or a music class; it is individualized interaction designed around your child’s needs to best support their growth and development.


To register your interest and secure your spot in a group today please email spec@bothworldsmusic.com.au