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See the stage from another point of view - as the performer:


Performing in public is a great confidence booster, a vital part of any musical education and a rewarding experience for any student.

Both Worlds School of Music offers our students an opportunity to demonstrate the results of their hard work in regular concerts where family and friends can come and cheer them on.



Record your Performances:


We also offer the opportunity for students to record high quality demos or videos with our professional in house facilities. Recordings or videos can be :
Record yourself with professional studio gearRecord yourself with professional studio gear

  • Shared with Family and Friends as a record of a student's accomplishments
  • Used for auditions, school project/HSC work or as personal promotional material on YouTube
  • A gift for a students family (especially students with family overseas who don't have the opportunity to see them play live!)




Film your Peformance:


For those students interested in pursuing a career in music - experience in recording and filming is a must! Fill out your resume  - demonstrate what you can do with a great recording or video.