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It’s a great time to enrol if you're after music lessons in Piano, Singing, Clarinet, Guitar, Drums or Bass Guitar. 

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At Both Worlds School of Music the teachers are both formally trained and have real and current industry experience.

Receive AMEB classical lessons with University accredited teachers or unlock the secrets of modern methods

by taking lessons with experienced professionals who currently work in the industry.


All our teachers have current 'Working with Children' Certificates


Danul Stewart

Director/Teacher at Both Worlds School of Music - Danul Stewart has 20 years experience in private teaching in all styles of guitar and bass with students aged 4 to 50. Having worked both as a high school teacher/private tutor and also as a session musician/producer, Danul is able to present a well rounded musical education for students ranging from beginners to more advanced musicians who are serious about developing their career. 


Danul's extensive experience as a working musician is coupled with formal education having completed a Bachelor of Music, AMEB grade certificates and more. With both recording and live session work experience, Danul knows the skills that need to be developed for budding musicians to function in todays music industry.

Danul has played hundreds of shows throughout Australia and on X-Factor, toured with an Aria Award winning

artist and performed alongside the best session musicians such as the band from ‘The Voice’.

Learn the skills to not only master your instrument but to become a professional musician.

Toby is a dedicated singer, songwriter, performer and producer with a particular interest in healthy technique, creative forms of technical development, and improvisation. He holds a Bachelor of Music from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.


Toby has been writing and performing his original music for a decade. During this time, he has played several of Melbourne’s favourite live music venues, he has been awarded funding from Capital Arts Patrons’ Organisation, and he has single-handedly written, recorded, produced, and mixed three albums.


Toby has recently relocated to Sydney where he continues to perform lead vocals and keyboard for his artist project “Boroky”, and collaborate with jazz and improvisation groups. He has extensive knowledge of performance technique in a wide variety of genres including pop, folk, jazz and classical, as well as a wealth of information about songwriting, DIY recording techniques, digital production, and mixing.


Learn how to sing with confidence and comfort, tap into your creative side and develop a refined performance or recording.  Discover the boundless potential for musical expression.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboard and Band Sessions

Toby Graham

Singing, Songwriting, Drums, Piano/Keyboard, Music Theory and DIY Recording 

Dr. Alison Liew Stewart

Clarinet, Piano, Music therapist

and spec co-ordinator

Alison is a registered music therapist who is passionate about promoting early child development and the parent-child bond through music. She has completed a PhD in music therapy (focusing on play songs, lullabies and mother-infant attachment), a Masters in Creative Music Therapy and Bachelor of Music Education.

In addition to her academic work, Alison is a multi-instrumentalist proficient in singing, piano, guitar and clarinet. Ali practices music therapy, teaches for the music therapy course at University of Western Sydney and is a mother of one.

Music Lessons

Both Worlds School of Music provide one on one private lessons to suit beginners through to more advanced students. Our teachers are highly trained in both traditional and modern methods and our facilities provide students the resources to undertake a musical education most relevant and effective to them. We are also a Creative Kids Provider so if you haven't redeemed a voucher yet ask us about how to do so and receive $100 from the NSW government to use for music lessons!


First Lesson Free as a trial!


Take control and choose how you want to learn at Both Worlds School of Music.

We provide private lessons in:


Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Classical Guitar



Bass Guitar




Theory/Musicianship Lessons

HSC Tuition


Traditional Methods:

Our teachers can take you through traditional music courses giving you a solid start to learning your instrument and understanding music theory. Progress through grades and sit for annual examinations in courses set by traditional institutions such as the AMEB.


Modern Methods:

There are many resources available today to help focus a students musical education that are fun and achieve results. Our teachers are attentive to a students needs and can design a customised course with specific goals and the best path to take in achieving them. Many students would like to master a particular style or technique. Others desperately want to learn favourite songs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced there are many ways to achieve your goals and get you playing or singing the music and songs you love.


Multimedia Education:

Technology is a big part of education and at Both Worlds School of Music we make use of the techonology available to us to further educate, engage and convenience our students. Students are sent copies of their homework and practise notes directly to their email addresses and are encouraged to fill out Practise Log Sheets to keep track of how much practise they did during the week. Homework and practise notes may include anything from pictures, pdfs of documents, short recordings/videos, metronome settings for exercises and custom made backing tracks that can all be accessed at home or on a students phone or tablet.


Can't make it to our studios?

Inquire about Online lessons using Zoom/ Skype / Facetime as an alternative to visiting us in person.




Both Worlds School of Music

2C / 9 Burwood Road, Burwood NSW

Telephone: (02) 7901 2351























Located right near Parramatta Rd, close to Burwood Westfields and a short walk from Burwood Station, our private air-conditioned studios contain two teaching rooms and a waiting area. We service local students from the surrounding suburbs of Burwood, Strathfield, Concord, Homebush, Croydon, Five dock, Canada Bay, Croydon Park and Ashfield. We also attract students from further areas such as Lidcombe, Belfield, Kingsgrove and Earlwood willing to travel for teachers and facilities.


Many adult students book lessons on their way home from work or make use of our later evening time slots.


Lessons by appointment only. Please contact us prior to visiting our studios.


Alternatively, if you would like to learn from the comfort of your own home or office contact us about our online lessons using Zoom, Skype or Facetime.


See the stage from another point of view - as the performer:

Performing in public is a great confidence booster, a vital part of any musical education and a rewarding experience for any student.

Both Worlds School of Music offers our students an opportunity to demonstrate the results of their hard work in regular concerts where family and friends can come and cheer them on.

Record your Performances:

We also offer the opportunity for students to record high quality demos or videos with our professional in house facilities.

Recordings or videos can be :


Shared with Family and Friends as a record of a student's accomplishments

Used for auditions, school project/HSC work or as personal promotional material on YouTube

A gift for a students family (especially students with family overseas who don't have the opportunity to see them play live!)




What is SPEC?

SPEC is a small group music program for children 0-6 and their carers (e.g. mums, dads, grandparents).

Classes run once a week during the school terms and last for 30 minutes. Our optimal class size is 8

children (maximum 10) so contact us now to reserve your place!


What sort of things will we be doing in SPEC?

Singing, moving, playing instruments, taking turns, sharing, listening and quality time with your child.

What are the goals of SPEC?

There are two main goals of SPEC:

(1) encourage child development through fun, multi-sensory and stimulating musical play

(2) provide opportunities for children and their carer/s to have fun together! Young children learn best through interaction with their carers.

Since music is both inherently fun and developmentally stimulating, it’s an excellent and enjoyable means of supporting & encouraging your child’s development. SPEC aims to encourage: speech/language, cognition (e.g. concepts & counting), fine and gross motor skills, sharing, turn-taking, confidence, sensory integration, self-expression, self-regulation and musical development.


Who runs SPEC?

SPEC is facilitated by a registered music therapist who is trained to use music to promote, attain and maintain health and well-being. She plays live music and is responsive to your child’s needs, communications and initiations. This means that SPEC is much more than just entertainment or a music class; it is individualized interaction designed around your child’s needs to best support their growth and development.


To register your interest and secure your spot in a group today please email



Contact us for more information about our services or to

schedule a lesson with one of our teachers.

Both Worlds School of Music

2C / 9 Burwood Road, Burwood, Australia

Telephone: (02) 7901 2351